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Conner Shelton

Conner Shelton, Sports Editor. Podcast Editor

Conner Shelton is a junior at the Community School of Davidson and is returning to journalism for a second year because he wants to  further his skills by interviewing more people and exploring different types of journalistic writing. He looks forward to meeting new people and gaining knowledge on how to become the best journalist possible. 

Conner loves to play baseball and is a member of the school’s baseball team. In his free time he loves to hangout with friends, workout and play with his dog, Charley. He has one sister who is in the 7th grade and is on the middle school volleyball team. His favorite subject is chemistry. Why? Conner enjoys the hard work and dedication that the subject takes to master.

"Hard work and dedication set the foundation for achievement." -  Wander Franco

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This year was a busy one for student journalist, Callie Hobbs. As both a Sports Editor and Opinions Editor, she learned to use the power of her voice in stories, podcasts and photo stories on the Spartan Sentinel.

[Photo] Sharing my voice

Callie Hobbs, Sports Editor and Opinions Editor
May 20, 2024
A 1976 Yale women’s rowing protest opened doors for women athletes. High schools like CSD now offer equal opportunities for girls to play the sports they love.

Yale women’s rowing protest remembered

Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor
May 15, 2024
As she led her Iowa Hawkeyes to back-to-back NCAA Championship appearances and set the NCAA all-time scoring record, Caitlin Clark attracted more male viewers to a more exciting style of basketball.

The Caitlin Clark effect

Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor
May 4, 2024
There is no proven way to get a perfect bracket so why not go with your gut or pick games and teams using whatever strategy makes you feel confident.

They call it March Madness for a reason

Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor
March 21, 2024
There’s nothing like Carolina and Duke when it comes to rivalries. And when the basketball teams face each other, team supporters show their colors.

The clash of the blue bloods

Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor
February 22, 2024
The Carolina Panthers are the worst team in the NFL. as the owner just fired another head coach. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a football and a trash can go hand-in-hand this season.

Keep “pounding?”

Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor
December 7, 2023
The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship is attracting a new breed of bracelet loving, finger nail painted fan to the sport of football.

Taylor Swift tackles….football?

Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor
November 3, 2023
Oliver Morris (‘25) evades a tackle as he makes his way into the end zone to give the Spartans a score against Country Day.

The “Rematch”

Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor
November 15, 2023
GUTS is exactly what the title says. It is everything about Rodrigo that she has kept hidden inside. Some songs may be about failed relationships, but others are about the struggles of not being taken seriously as a girl, or discovering that your decisions are, well, your decisions. (Image by Conner Shelton and fair use album cover credit - Geffen Records)

[Photo] Olivia Rodrigo’s new album has “GUTS”

Isabel Sands, Arts & Entertainment Editor and Podcast Editor
October 2, 2023
Colorado Buffalo head coach, Deion Sanders, celebrates a great play in a week one contest against TCU

Coach Prime is back in action

Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor
September 26, 2023
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