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Ava Jordan

Ava Jordan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Opinions Editor

Ava Jordan is a senior who has been at CSD ever since kindergarten. This is Ava’s second year in journalism and she is very excited to continue to grow her writing and learn more about what it means to be a journalist. 

While at school, Ava enjoys her AP Psychology, as she wants to major in psychology in college. She loves AP Statistics, too, because of the satisfaction that comes with discovering how numbers interconnect and overlap. She is also a varsity tennis player who is competing for the first time for the school.

Out of school, Ava loves to go out with her friends! She looks forward to football games and going to work on the weekends. 

“I think the perfection of love is that it’s not perfect”

 - Taylor Swift

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Nearly 20 million women in the United States will develop an eating disorder in their lifetime. And quite often, in an impossible quest for the perfect body, even seemingly simple decisions like choosing a bagel (with or without cream cheese) can cause stress and anxiety.

Body image, eating disorders and the imperfect quest for ‘perfect’

Ava Jordan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Editor
April 24, 2024
Reading is beneficial to everyone. No matter what genre, a good book can reduce stress and enhance your learning. Find a book you love and you’ll be off on a new adventure.

Turn the page – 12 great books everyone should read

Ava Jordan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Editor
March 8, 2024
The controversy of banning books rages in communities and schools cross the country.

Exploring the controversy of banning books

Ava Jordan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Editor
December 14, 2023

Fall Playlist – 23 “cool” songs for fall 2023

Ava Jordan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Editor
October 10, 2023
One of the perks of being a CSD Spartan senior is priority seating (standing) at fall football games.

The perks of being a CSD senior

Ava Jordan, Deputy Editor-n-Chief and Opinions Editor
September 23, 2023
Social media, whether on a cell phone or a computer, has both positive and negative implications on student mental health depending on how it is used. Often times  it can be difficult for high school students to balance and navigate.

Social media and student mental health

Ava Jordan, Opinions Editor
November 13, 2022
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