CSD’s Homecoming dance returns. What did/do you think? Before and after thoughts…


(Photo Courtesy @csdshield)

You never know when CSD students might break into a long conga line, Homecoming style!

Ava Jordan, Opinions Editor

CSD has only ever done one homecoming which was the year before COVID started. That seemed like years ago. This year it came back. No one knew what to expect.


CSD announced they were going to do a homecoming dance this year.

This was shocking to most people, including me. 

I’d heard people had mixed feelings on whether they wanted to go or not

Garrett MacIntyre started out by saying he couldn’t wait for the dance, but then he said, “but I was upset when I found out I couldn’t bring someone from another school.” 

Another student, Jenni Lewman, said, “I’m so nervous about it, I don’t even want to go. The only reason I’m going is because my friends are.” 

For most students, this homecoming was their first ever high school dance, which was definitely nerve-wracking. 

‘My anticipation is building up quickly because this is my first high school dance ever,” Allison Glottieb said.

Obviously, CSD students had mixed emotions about this dance. I had mixed emotions, I couldn’t wait to have a fun night dressed up with my friends, but I’d heard from graduate students that CSD’s first homecoming wasn’t as fun as it sounded.


Spartans dance, dance, dance at the Homecoming Dance 2022. (Photo Courtesy of @csdshield)

The dance was something else, in the best way possible. There were two rooms, one for dancing and screaming all the song lyrics with your friends, and the other for food, drinks and talking. 

“Homecoming was a way better turn out than I thought,” Lewman told me at school on Monday. She then continued to say how well CSD pulled it off. 

“I have to agree with that, homecoming exceeded most students, including me. I’m glad CSD decided to have a homecoming dance, it was definitely a great decision for our school,” Gottlieb said. “I already can’t wait for next year’s homecoming.” 

Having a homecoming dance also made school feel a bit more normal after COVID. Of course not needing to wear a mask helped, but the reason we didn’t have the dance for the past two years was because of COVID. 

Being able to go to homecoming and dance with my friends was refreshing and I’m glad COVID didn’t put a stop to it for another year. 

I hope CSD continues to do fun events, such as homecoming. It gives the students something to look forward to every now and then and gives us a little break from school work.