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On college campuses across the country, students and others are speaking up about the conflict in the Gaza Strip. At Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, student voices even appear in paint on the bridge to East Campus.
Protests over war in Gaza rock American college campuses and raise questions of antisemitism
Evan Mulligan, News Editor and Staff Writer • May 5, 2024

Across the nation, protests on university campuses have been springing up and escalating at an alarming pace with many of these anti-Israel protests turning into clashes between...

North Carolina joined more than a dozen other states, and holding its primary elections on Super Tuesday. The results of many races have set the tone for November’s general election.
North Carolina just held its primaries: what happened?
Evan Mulligan, News Editor and Staff Writer • March 17, 2024

North Carolina just had its pair of presidential primaries on March sixth, Super Tuesday, and the current results have helped show the general direction the primary season is going. While...

A CSD Spartan banner hangs on fence at new Spartan Park baseball field. The field hosted one special game during the 2024 season and is now waiting for next spring to host the Spartans for all of 2025 and beyond.
Games, moments, memories, a walk-off and the hope of a new field
Ben Gallagher, Editor-in-Chief • May 20, 2024

High school sports give people memories they will never forget. The memories of seasons, games and plays that are so charged with emotion become ingrained in the mind and live on with both players and fans into old age. CSD’s...

Baseball’s Senior Night marked an ending as well as a beginning.  While the seniors move on from high school baseball, the new field will host many games in future seasons.
Spartans compete through the spring
Callie Hobbs, Sports Editor and Opinions Editor • May 15, 2024

During the 2024 spring sports season, athletes in baseball, men’s tennis, men’s/women’s lacrosse, track and field, men’s golf and women’s soccer all showed dedication, put in hours of training and saw the fruits of their...

Oh dear duck, where have you gone? The Instagram trend that dominated the beginning of the year house, well, sunk.
The demise of the duck
Evan Mulligan, News Editor and Staff Writer • May 14, 2024

Remember the beginning of this school year, when the Instagram account known as '@csd_duck' was all the rage? Whatever happened to that? I, for one, was wondering so I did a...

Lily Miller (‘24) is ready to leave school with her floaties, prepared for anything or anyone who might try to get her out of the game.
All is fair in love, war and Senior Assassin
Ava Jordan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Editor • April 29, 2024

The game starts at noon tomorrow, my phone read. The very sight of the message was enough to get me to stop in my tracks. Excitement mixed with a hint of anxiety coursed through...

Cheyenne, a jumping horse, grazes in a field. With the Kentucky Derby just passing, something that is fresh on everyones mind is horse racing. But there is a side to horse racing that many work hard to keep hidden. There is a sad truth behind the abuse and horror of horse racing.
EDITORIAL - Horse racing kills
Isabel Sands, Podcast Editor and Arts & Entertainment Editor • May 20, 2024

On May 4, 2024, nearly two dozen horses squeezed into a starting gate, their jockeys at the ready. At the sound of the starter’s gun, the horses...

A 1976 Yale women’s rowing protest opened doors for women athletes. High schools like CSD now offer equal opportunities for girls to play the sports they love.
Yale women’s rowing protest remembered
Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor • May 15, 2024

With the Civil Rights Movement, increasing women’s rights, political unrest and the start of the Vietnam War all happening at once in the 1960’s,...

in a seven day span in early 2024, Kanye, 21 Savage and Yeat all released rap albums popular with high school listeners.
Three rap albums set 2024’s musical tone for high school listeners
Cade Lacy, Student Life Editor and Staff Writer • April 11, 2024

Rap has always been a popular high school music genre from old school times of Ice Cube and Biggie to modern day rappers like Kanye and Yeat,...

A flower shop on Skid Row? Before Mr. Mushkin’s shop became famous thanks to a certain plant, the one telephone on the counter barely rang as business was slow.
The final curtain closes on CSD’s amazing “Little Shop of Horrors”
Callie Hobbs, Sports Editor and Opinions Editor • March 25, 2024

When the final curtain closed on CSD’s two week long production of “The Little Shop of Horrors" musical, Audrey II had eaten her fair share...

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Perhaps thinking about budget friendly dining, the author “watches” his money.
Savvy savers - navigating budget friendly dining while in high school
Cade Lacy, Student Life Editor and Staff Writer • May 24, 2024

In today's bustling high school world, where packed schedules are the norm and wallets often feel a bit light, dining out on a budget can feel...

In an Intersession that involves everything related to MMA, Muay Tai,, wrestling and so much more, students get a chance to pin experts like Mr. Yodice.
This Intersession packs a punch
Cade Lacy, Student Life Editor and Staff Writer • May 14, 2024

It’s a Tuesday morning and instead of sitting quietly in a classroom, legs under a desk and laptops open, there are 20 students doing push-ups,...