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The US Capitol building, during fall, is again the site for House Speaker chaos
Chaos in the House
Evan Mulligan, News Editor and Staff Writer • November 5, 2023

It's the end of October and the US House of Representatives has not had a speaker for more than 20 days as the House Republican caucus finds themselves unable to come together...

Male and female solders of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) stand watch over a town.
Israel and Gaza - What is happening?
Evan Mulligan, News Editor and Staff Writer • October 23, 2023

In the early hours of October 7, members of the terrorist group, Hamas, streamed across the border from Gaza into Israel.   In the following hours, Hamas killed hundreds of civilians...

Oliver Morris (‘25) evades a tackle as he makes his way into the end zone to give the Spartans a score against Country Day.
The “Rematch”
Conner Shelton, Sports Editor and Podcast Editor • November 15, 2023

It’s one thing for a football team to travel to a visitor’s field and win once, it’s another thing to do it twice. If the Spartans have anything to say about Forest Hill coming to Spartan Park to win again on Friday night,...

Front row third from right, Isabel Sands (‘27) played for Christ the King’s (CTK) field hockey team in the 2023-24 fall season, along with four more girls at CSD and a few others from various other high schools that didn’t have a team.
Field hockey in a different high school’s colors
Ava Jordan and Isabel Sands November 11, 2023

While CSD offers many extracurricular athletic activities, there are a few sports that aren’t on the list. Field hockey is one of them. But that doesn’t stop students from participating. Christ the King (CTK) field hockey...

Tour guide, Megan Knorpp, stands in front of the Copeland House on Davidson’s historic (and spooky) North Main Street and shares Halloween and historic tales perfect for the season.
Ghosts in Davidson
Callie Hobbs, Sports Editor and Opinions Editor • October 30, 2023

If you happen to be in downtown Davidson on a spooky October night and see a ghost tour group pass by you, what would you do?  On Tuesday, Oct 24 at around 9pm, I made that exact...

One of the perks of being a CSD Spartan senior is priority seating (standing) at fall football games.
The perks of being a CSD senior
Ava Jordan, Deputy Editor-n-Chief and Opinions Editor • September 23, 2023

At CSD, things are different when you are a Spartan senior. The perks of being a CSD senior started bright and early on the first day of school with Senior Sunrise, a new Tradition...

With more than 20 years at CSD, and a strong understanding of the Basic School philosophy, Amy Tomalis leads an upper school where relationships and education go hand-in-hand.
Upper School’s “Relationship Keeper”
Ben Gallagher, Editor-in-Chief • November 21, 2023
“Education to me is looking at each individual student, seeing their passions, interests, and what drives them, and being able to feed that,” Tomalis said. “Looking at the whole child and knowing that no student is just one thing. Not just an academic student or athlete or a social being. We are all things so we need to feed kids in all of those areas. It’s important to learn reading, math, science, and all the things that make up the school day but there’s more than just that,” said Tomalis. “I don’t want education to create cookie-cutter students, people.”
Hackers and scammers often wait in the dark behind text message links, social media messaging and online communications. There are steps you can take to not become a victim.
Scam, scam (thank you sir or ma’am)
Noah Roberson, Features Editor and Editorial Editor • November 5, 2023

Picture this, you just received a message from “b0fa_online_alerts” that states, “A charge for $863.20 is pending on 07/08 at Amazon. Visit...

The CSD Dance crew poses at the Charlotte-Douglas international Airport before flying to New York City during the summer of ‘23.
CSD Dance goes to NYC!
Ben Gallagher, Editor-in-Chief • October 13, 2023

Over the summer, in the heat of June, CSD’s dance classes journeyed to New York City for a five-day trip. While in the Big Apple, the dance...

GUTS is exactly what the title says. It is everything about Rodrigo that she has kept hidden inside. Some songs may be about failed relationships, but others are about the struggles of not being taken seriously as a girl, or discovering that your decisions are, well, your decisions.
Olivia Rodrigo’s new album has “GUTS”
Isabel Sands, Arts & Entertainment Editor and Podcast Editor • October 2, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo’s  new album has “GUTS.” Just imagine, you’re an “all-american teenage girl” waking up for your first day of high...

Attention CSD Student Artists!
Whether you're a photographer, poet, woodworker, sculptor, cartoonist, painter, doodler, dancer or anything artsy in between, if you like being creative, this is the place for you! Spartan Creativity Corner is an online gallery of awesomeness where your creative work can be collectively shared and enjoyed by all. So how do you do it? Just send an email and a picture (or video) of your creation to [email protected] and the Journalism class will do the rest. 

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Having energy drinks in high school has always been a big debate and probably will be for a long time. There are those in favor of having them, those against and some in the middle who see both the benefits and downsides.
Energy in a can
Cade Lacy, Student Life Editor and Staff Writer • November 3, 2023

Having energy drinks in high school has always been a big debate and probably will be for a long time. There are those in favor of having them,...

It’s fall 2023, y’all, so here is a playlist of 23 songs chosen specifically for the season. So as you watch the leaves change colors and explore nature, bring the playlist along with you.
Fall Playlist - 23 “cool” songs for fall 2023
Ava Jordan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Opinions Editor • October 10, 2023

As the temperature drops, we are getting closer and closer to fuzzy socks and cozy sweaters. Leaves are changing colors and soon when we walk...

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