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Olivia Rodrigo’s new album has “GUTS”

GUTS is exactly what the title says. It is everything about Rodrigo that she has kept hidden inside. Some songs may be about failed relationships, but others are about the struggles of not being taken seriously as a girl, or discovering that your decisions are, well, your decisions. (Image by Conner Shelton and fair use album cover credit – Geffen Records)

Olivia Rodrigo’s  new album has “GUTS.”

Just imagine, you’re an “all-american teenage girl” waking up for your first day of high school. As you’re “making the bed” you take notice of the “lacy” pillows while you plan out how you’re going to “get him back.” It doesn’t seem “logical” to hold “the grudge” you had, but your “teenage dream” was always to stay with him. “Love is embarrassing,” right? “Bad idea right?”  You think to yourself. You walk over to the vanity in the back corner of your room, “pretty isn’t pretty” enough, is it. Whatever, it’s 10:00 AM and you’re just the “ballad of a homeschooled girl.” Or a “vampire.”

Can you relate?

The above passage contains the titles of each of the 12  songs on Olivia Rodrigo‘s second album entitled GUTS.

At 20 years old, Olivia Rodrigo gives 13 -18 year old girls someone to look up to for comfort during a breakup or sometimes just being of that age. She understands that sometimes you can be naive in love, but that’s not something wrong with you, it’s just a way that you are vulnerable. 

Her first album entitled SOUR became the first debut album to top the charts for five consecutive months. The album won her three Grammys and made her an international superstar. 

This summer, Rodrigo released two consecutive singles that have been heard across the globe in grocery stores, shopping malls, at sporting events, on the radio and everywhere else.

The first single released was a song called Vampire. It tells the story of a guy Rodrigo’s got into a relationship with for a time, despite other’s efforts to tell her the guy she was dating was bad news. She ended up in a toxic relationship which hurt her badly. 

Teenage girls around the world relate to this song in ways that a lot of older adults are unable. 

Her second single, Bad Idea, Right? built upon her themes of going back to someone again and again even after knowing the relationship is toxic. It is a very bittersweet song, just like her relationship with her ex.

The first day of September at 12:00 AM Rodrigo  finally dropped the full album, called GUTS. There were 9 new tracks.

While some may think Olivia Rodrigo’s albums are completely about hating men, there is a side to them that goes much deeper than that. 

GUTS is exactly what the title says. It is everything about Rodrigo that she has kept hidden inside. 

Some songs may be about failed relationships while others are about the struggles of not being taken seriously as a girl, or discovering that your decisions are, well, your decisions.


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