Pack the stands! CSD Spartans winter sports overview


Lily Asano

Are you ready for the highflying action, dunks and fast breaks of the CSD Spartans?

Conner Shelton and Sinclair Berry

The CSD Spartans winter student athletes compete in the Catawba Shores Conference (Class 1A and 2A) of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA). 1A teams are Langtree Charter, Bradford Prep, Mt. Island Charter and Christ the King. 2A teams are the Community School of Davidson, Pine Lake Prep and Lincoln Charter. 

Both boys’ and girls’ teams in different winter sports have done well in Conference, Regional and State competitions. The men’s basketball team made it to the conference championship and first round of the state playoffs last year. The swimming team won multiple championships in different categories last year, as well. This just scrapes the surface about what CSD has achieved in the sports world. 

Here is a breakdown and overview of what to look for on the court and track plus in the pool this season.

This season with 14 players on the roster the Spartans boys varsity basketball team looks to make it back to the state playoffs. Led by stand-out seniors Seth Johnson, Connell Lowry and Parker Rouleau, plus 6’7” freshman William Stevens, the Spartans hope to have a successful season and make a run deep into the postseason.

Men’s basketball offers excitement and high energy action. Courtesy of CSD senior photographer, Lily Asano
Men’s basketball rings fast breaks, dunks and seven seniors to the floor. Courtesy of CSD senior photographer, Lily Asano

With 11 on the roster the Spartans girls varsity basketball team are looking to have a successful season. After losing the school’s first (nearly, she totaled 996) 1,000 point scorer, Mariana Soares, to graduation, the Spartans are led by outstanding seniors Berea Gallagher and Ruthie Camp. The past year was successful as the Spartans made the state playoffs and look to go back this year with a new coach and lots of youthful power.

Women’s basketball is led by two seniors. Look for them underneath and beyond the three-point line. Courtesy of CSD senior photographer, Lily Asano
The tight knit women’s basketball Spartans look to make their mark in 2023. Courtesy of CSD senior photographer, Lily Asano

This year with 17 on the roster the Spartans boys swimmers and divers look to have another terrific season. Last year the team won events at the state championship level and graduated Baylor Nelson, an All-American, who now swims for Texas A&M. The Spartans are led by four seniors and look forward to adding more trophies to the trophy case.

With 13 on the roster the swimming and diving girls are led by four seniors, Celia Brown, Taylor Curlee, Kamryn Brewer and Lily Miller. The team looks to have a great year and hopefully win some events in the states.

pictured below, Spartans, hope to add another state championship title and go back to back.

Conner Shelton

This year the Spartans indoor track team is led by 18 boys including seven seniors. The Spartans look to stay competitive this season as they made states last year. It should be a very good year for them. Look for them to win many championships this year.

With 13 on the roster this year the Spartans indoor track girls are led by 2 seniors who look to get the team back to states. The last couple of years have been very successful and very award filled for the Spartans. They look forward to continuing that trend.

The CSD cheer team has 21 girls and it is lots of fun. They cheer for football in the fall and basketball in the winter. The Cheer team creates fun Hip Hop routines to popular songs and learns new cheers and creates new cheers every practice. The team enjoys stunting and learning new skills. Everyone on the team is great friends and all love cheering for CSD.

All of the sports teams are very talented and look to have a very accomplished season. Let’s fill the stands and bring the energy. Go Spartans!

Spartan hoops, both men and women, bring action to the court. Photo, courtesy of CSD Senior, Lily Asano.