After the last bell rings – Summer break and the big question “What will you miss about school?”


Ben Gallagher

What will you miss over the summer? Many CSD Spartans will miss their friends and those times together at school.

Ben Gallagher, Editor-in-Chief

With summer just around the corner, many students are looking forward to the last bell of the year. The homework, early mornings, and late nights studying for finals will be over and students can relax.

Vacations and hanging out with friends with no deadlines or places to be will fill the void (and the minds) of both the students and staff.

But despite the many grumblings of the everyday drudgery of school, there are a variety of things CSD’s Spartan students and staff will miss over the summer break.

Here are a collection of thoughts.

“I will miss my friends,” said Collin Klebe (‘25). His thought was echoed by many of his peers.

“I will probably miss driving my friends around the most,” said Carter Murphy (‘24).

“I’m going to miss jumpstart and playing Mattball during summer,” said Keenan Addis (‘25).

“My dance family. I’m going to miss all our late-night rehearsals and good times,” Said Chloe McKito (‘25).

“I’m going to miss Spartan Perk and the people that work there…But definitely not the early alarms!” said Ms. Katie Beamer, English I and II teacher.

“Not seeing Mr. Glass. He’s the coolest teacher I could have ever asked for. I have such a good connection with him that I’m going to miss,” said Cruz Sylvia (‘24).

“Not seeing my friends, especially the seniors, because this is our last few weeks with them,” said Liam Hogan (‘26).

“[The] Gym and shooting the basketball with Coach Todd,” said Jasiah Taylor (‘25).

“I’m going to miss Mrs. Michael and talking to her during class,” said Kendall Hammet (‘26).

“I love playing Spikeball during lunch and advisories and I’m going to miss it,” said Owen Hamilton (’25)

With all due respect to classes, many Spartans will miss the fun and games. (Ben Gallagher)

“I’ve really enjoyed teaching the 10th grade this year. I’ve gotten to know so many great students and had so many great experiences. I’m going to miss that over the summer…And I can’t wait for next year to work full time with students!” said Ms. Rita Gudgion, Civics teacher.

“I’m going to miss seeing Ms. Barb’s fantastic smile every day,” said Mikayla Chartier (‘25).

“I’m going to miss the learning,” said Anthony Luber (‘26).

“I will miss the routine,” said Ms. Kailey Seward, Math II teacher. “And the day-to-day because no two days are the same so it’s just fun to see what’s going to happen. I’ll miss seeing the students, especially the ones that won’t be here next year. And my teacher buddies because I don’t hang out with them over the summer.”

Overall, students and teachers will miss school in one capacity or another but the summer will be a much-needed rest.