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Attention new North Carolina student drivers, the road test is back and it is as stressful as ever

Cade Lacy
Since COVID-19 is now gone, it’s back to taking the terrible and dreaded road test once again in North Caroline

Every year there are a lot of new young drivers but 2023 is a special one. Since North Carolina DMV’s COVID-19 policy ended, 2023 is the first year back that people are actually taking the in-person driving test again. 

Road tests are one of the things drivers least look forward to doing when getting their license. With the test comes the stress of having to take the test itself with a state official sitting right next to you. Then there’s the whole stress of not knowing what’s going to be on it. You can never forget the general stress from parents wanting you to get your license so they don’t have to drive you everywhere.

Emme Hodgeman (‘26) said, “The test was really easy, it only took me five minutes and I really didn’t do as much as I thought I would. I was way more stressed about it than I needed to be.”

Both good and bad things come with being a new driver. 

Some of the good things are finding a car that you like (so you don’t hate driving). Then there is also loads more freedom, like being able to drive your friends’ places. Freedom also means blasting your favorite songs in the car. 

Kate Daniels (‘26) said, “I like driving, it’s a lot easier than having my parents drive me everywhere. Also, now I’m able to listen to the music that I like instead of my parents’ music.”

There are multiple bad things about being a driver, too. The responsibilities that you have top the list. 

One of the most shocking parts of having a car and being a new driver is the cost of insurance. For teenage drivers who have never had to spend a monthly payment like this before, it’s a completely new thing. 

Gas is not free, and new drivers quickly realize that it puts a giant hole in your wallet.

Not to mention there’s the whole “stay safe” awareness of having to be extremely cautious about not getting into a wreck with not only your parents being furious at you but also having to pay substantially more money on repairs which means you don’t have as much free money to do whatever you want.

Driving is a very big transition in people’s lives. Kids go from no freedom to near infinite. But with everything good there is always a downside and since COVID-19 is now gone, it’s back to taking the terrible and dreaded road test once again. 


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Cade Lacy
Cade Lacy, Student Life Editor. Staff Writer

Cade Lacy, a sophomore, has been at CSD since kindergarten…and he did it twice. This is his first year doing journalism and he’s excited to learn how to interview. Outside of school he plays football as an outside linebacker and special teams. Both positions mean he can hit. 

Cade also goes to his youth group at his church and is a Life rank in Scouts. When he’s not doing any of his activities he hangs out with his friends, looks at cars, play video games, works out and sleeps.

“Climb mountains not so that the world can see you but so that you can see the world.” -David McCullough Jr.

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