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Happy car, happy wallet, happy kid

The realities of having a high school car
Cade Lacy
With a lift and some bigger tires and rims, Cullin Finnerty’s (‘26) truck serves the purpose with a bit of added style.

Do you have dreams of driving a Ferrari? Does a Pagani tickle your fancy? Feel like cruising into school in a Porsche 911, 992 or 718? Well too bad, the reality for most people is that it isn’t going to happen. 

The reality is you are going to drive a slightly older, cheaper car because you’re new to driving and don’t have enough money to spend on a luxury car.  

Face it, in high school needs outweigh wants.

The main need for a car is for going from point A to point B. You need a reliable car that gets good gas mileage and is going to maintain its value for when you sell it later. 

Sell it when you just bought it? Absolutely, because the first car you drive, your high school and maybe college wheels, is not going to be the car you want after college when you have real money.

Out-of-pocket costs matter to the car you get, too. Insurance, gas, repairs and cleaning all differ on which brand of car you drive. For instance, Honda, Chevy and Toyota have always had lower maintenance costs than cars like BMW, Ford and Dodge. 

A Honday’s average yearly maintenance is $428 while a BMW’s is $968. That extra five hundred dollars is a big hit for a high schooler, especially if they don’t have a job.

Also, gas costs play a role in car selection. Some cars, like larger SUV’S require high octane premium gas that is far more expensive than 87 octane unleaded. People in high school are going to want a car that can take the cheapest gas so that they can keep the little money they have. 

Junior Amanda Moran (‘25) said, “I didn’t realize how much all the stuff would cost, it’s a lot more than you’d think.”

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean your car can’t have some style to it  though. You can always get a good-looking car within the price range that you have.

How about a Honda Civic Sport. It’s a relatively sleek design because it is designed more for performance than a normal sedan. They’ve always looked the best for a starter car and since it’s a Honda it will run and sound clean.

Now, if you work a job then you can spend a little more money on your car to make it look cooler.

The main thing people do to upgrade their car is to get it lifted or squatted. Both of these modifications add to the luck of the car without costing a ton. Highschoolers also often buy a cheap wing just to add some style. 

Javier Sanchez-Watts (‘26), said, “I wanna get my car squatted and then reverse the chassis so it looks like I’m driving backward just to throw people off.” 

Overall having an expense and cool car would be nice but it’s not a smart financial choice for most high schoolers. Sorry Ferrari, Pagani and Porsche, your time will come later.

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About the Contributor
Cade Lacy
Cade Lacy, Student Life Editor. Staff Writer

Cade Lacy, a sophomore, has been at CSD since kindergarten…and he did it twice. This is his first year doing journalism and he’s excited to learn how to interview. Outside of school he plays football as an outside linebacker and special teams. Both positions mean he can hit. 

Cade also goes to his youth group at his church and is a Life rank in Scouts. When he’s not doing any of his activities he hangs out with his friends, looks at cars, play video games, works out and sleeps.

“Climb mountains not so that the world can see you but so that you can see the world.” -David McCullough Jr.

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