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The demise of the duck

Evan Mulligan
Oh dear duck, where have you gone? The Instagram trend that dominated the beginning of the year house, well, sunk.

Remember the beginning of this school year, when the Instagram account known as ‘@csd_duck’ was all the rage? Whatever happened to that?

I, for one, was wondering so I did a little research.

While the account currently has nearly 250 followers, it has not posted in more than four months, prompting the question “Where is the duck?”

While ducks seem to be in the front window of every Jeep on the road, they have vanished from the school. No ducks on Learning Street, under lockers, or behind trash cans.

Students seem to miss the phenomenon.

Junior Holt Grier (‘25) has been quite disappointed in the decline of the phenomenon.

He said, “I miss it. Made some friends with it, and honestly feel like it brought people together. I know this sounds cliche, but I honestly thought it was super fun. Even though it was a little hectic, I do miss it a lot, and I still enjoyed it a lot and would love to see it return.”

Sophomore Jada Dixon (‘26) also expressed disappointment with it disappearing.

She said, “I’m kind of sad because I looked forward to it every day.”

But what would it have taken for it to continue for the entire school year?

A secret consortium of individuals? A duck club? A group of friends working behind the scenes? We will never know.

While there is no present certainty on why it stopped, the fundamental failure was likely the owner of the account (whoever that was) losing stamina for consistently placing and running such a project.

Even though many people miss it, we are unlikely to see its return under the current account owner, the original owner told me via Instagram.

This implies that someone else may have to pick up the slack for being responsible for running this trend.

So anybody who wants to see this duck hunting trend revived should work to establish a similar presence that the former account had.

While many people (myself included) miss this fun little trend, we near-certainly will not see it brought back to CSD this year, if ever.

But who knows if some enterprising student will be motivated to pick up this fun trend that so many of us enjoyed for the first portion of this year.

So to anybody who might manage to bring back this trend for the school year of 2024-2025, I propose that all of us avid duck hunters give them a round of applause

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About the Contributor
Evan Mulligan
Evan Mulligan, News Editor. Staff Writer.

Evan Mulligan is a sophomore who is starting his second year both at CSD and in journalism. During his free time, Evan enjoys reading and working out. Evan is a “politics junkie” who also participates in Model UN and aspires to be a diplomat. Evan joined journalism because he wants to make a positive impact on the world through sharing his opinions.

‘’If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be” - Maya Angelou

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