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Field hockey in a different high school’s colors

Students from multiple high schools, including CSD came together to build a community field hockey team at CTK high school during the fall 2023 season.
Image courtesy of CTK
Front row third from right, Isabel Sands (‘27) played for Christ the King’s (CTK) field hockey team in the 2023-24 fall season, along with four more girls at CSD and a few others from various other high schools that didn’t have a team.

While CSD offers many extracurricular athletic activities, there are a few sports that aren’t on the list. Field hockey is one of them.

But that doesn’t stop students from participating.

Christ the King (CTK) field hockey is a community team in Huntersville open to athletes from any high school. The team plays at a JV level and has players of all different abilities and experiences. The team is focused, not only on growing the game, but also making sure players have fun learning and growing together.

Isabel Sands (‘27) played for CTK’s field hockey team in the 2023-24 fall season, along with four more girls at CSD and a few others from various other high schools that didn’t have a team. 

“CTK seemed like the best option for me to have a good field hockey experience,” Isabel Sands said. “It felt weird playing for a school that wasn’t mine, but at the same time, I was just excited to have the opportunity to play.”

The idea of playing for a different school came from a parent. Isabel’s mom had been wanting her to start field hockey so last year Isabel began playing on a small rec team. 

“I liked the sport but that first team experience wasn’t great,” Sands said.

Isabel’s mom had heard about being able to play through CTK even if you weren’t a student so, with a little convincing, Isabel joined the team.

There were 12 other girls on a team with Isabel, all of whom tried out and earned a roster spot.

On the roster were CSD students, Emma Gray (‘24), Kate Forbes (‘27), Gretchen Morris (‘27) and Greta Guise (‘27). 

Practices started about a month before school, along with some playdays and a scrimmage game. But once school started, every day Isabel went to CTK to attend a field hockey practice or a game. 

“It was exhausting at first, but once I got the hang of it I looked forward to it every day, especially seeing my teammates. They really boosted my confidence,” Sands said.

When Isabel was asked whether or not it was awkward being on a team with girls she didn’t go to school with, she said, “Not really, they were all super nice and welcoming. The team was amazing.”  

Isabel also shared that at first, playing for another school and wearing a different school’s name across her chest was off-putting. She didn’t know how to feel. But the longer she played, the more it felt normal. 

Isabel’s team had their last games together during a tournament at the Mattews Sportsplex in Charlotte. Her team played four games in some of the nastiest weather of the year, but they still managed to compete at a high level.  

They won two and tied the third after losing their first game to the most skilled team in the league.

“We still managed to only let them get one goal on us, the team they played before us (the second-best team in the league) lost 4 points to them,” Isabel said, talking about their first game. 

CTK won first in the second-place bracket out of all of the teams in the surrounding Charlotte area.

Overall, Isabel had a great time playing for CTK and would recommend it to anyone trying to play field hockey. She can’t wait to play for them again and maybe, in her next three years of high school, one day CSD might have its own field hockey team of its own.

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While at school, Ava enjoys her AP Psychology, as she wants to major in psychology in college. She loves AP Statistics, too, because of the satisfaction that comes with discovering how numbers interconnect and overlap. She is also a varsity tennis player who is competing for the first time for the school.

Out of school, Ava loves to go out with her friends! She looks forward to football games and going to work on the weekends. 

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Isabel Sands is in the 9th grade, beginning her fourth year at CSD. She is new to journalism because she decided to branch out and loves trying new things. She enjoys being spontaneous and believes that's truly the only way to have fun. Coming from a military family, she has developed her love of travel throughout the years and has been able to meet new people, see new places and experience new cultures.

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  • N

    Nicole WashburnNov 20, 2023 at 6:48 pm

    That is so cool, I just saw on the news that UNC Chapel Hill won the Field Hockey NCAA Championship with the youngest headcoach in college history. The coach had just graduated on the field hokey team the previous year.

    • M

      Mike SavickiNov 20, 2023 at 9:09 pm

      Yes, even before graduating, she walked into the athletic director’s office and told them she would be perfect for the job.