Putt putt and flex week help seniors wrap it all up after four extraordinary years


CSD Journalism class photo

Seniors golfing at school begins the end-of-year festivities for CSD’S Class of ‘23.

Holt Grier, News Editor

Four years are in the books for CSD seniors and that means it’s almost time for graduation. The CSD Spartan class of 2023 started in the fall of 2019 as freshmen. They survived the complications that came with the Covid-19 pandemic. And they finished just as it all started to calm down. It was quite the ride.

There are a few traditions the seniors enjoy as a last goodbye to their life in high school. Unofficially, senior pranks and skip day are some of the annual occurrences that happen. There are two more school approved senior events, senior putt putt and flex week, that help end the year.

Senior putt putt is a day where all the seniors play mini golf around the school. It takes place annually on the Friday before flex week so be on the lookout for golfers, some dressed in golf attire and carrying entire bags of golf clubs, trying to hit a hole in one.

How did putt putt make it on to the calendar?

“It started as a prank in 2016, well, with permission,” said Ms. Amy Tomalis, Head of Upper School. “The seniors set up a mini golf course in Learning Street as people crowded around and watched them play.”

Since then, it has grown into a full tradition. 

However, due to the pandemic in 2020 shutting down school, seniors were anxious to start golfing again when school returned in 2021.

“It got a little too crazy last year,” said Ms. Erika Bowen, Upper School Administrator. “People were out of classes and the seniors were playing for the entire afternoon.”

The seniors started golfing not just on Learning Street but also around the whole school. Putt putt took over CSD.

2022’s event came with an unexpected end. It was put to a stop when a freshman was accidentally hit in the head with a golf ball.

But this year, it’s back with a few more safety precautions. And the seniors are ready to golf it out.

Unlike putt putt, senior flex week lasts, as the name suggests, all week. It’s a time for seniors to catch up on missing assignments, focus on jobs, study, volunteer, etc.

“It’s a chance for us to work at internships and stuff,” said senior Olivia Durham (‘23), “I’ll be working at my dad’s business.”

After that, everything at school wraps up for the seniors with a special breakfast on Spartan Day. Finally, it’s off to graduation! 

Good luck graduates of the class of 2023.