“10 Minute Plays” hit the mark


Graphic courtesy of CSD Theatre Dept.

With COVID in the rear view, the 10 Minute Play Festival returned to CSD.

Sinclair Berry, Arts & Entertainment Editor

When you think of plays and live performances it’s fair to think of multiple acts, dozens of actors and plays lasting up to two hours. This year CSD’s drama class went in a different direction and did something quite special. CSD drama students created their own 10-minute plays. 8th-12th graders performed in groups of three or four. 

Both attendees and performers enjoyed the experience and entertainment.

Hayley Rohats (‘25) went to the play as a guest. 

“It could have lasted longer, but I was happy it was free,” Haley Rohats said. 

She found a lot of plays funny, too.

Rohats recommends that CSD continue to do these short plays. Her favorite play was about a possum. Yes, short plays can be about anything, even a possum.

Speaking of possums, Anna Staskel (‘25), a CSD drama student, did hers about possums. 

Staskel said she enjoyed performing in the plays and liked the process of working on fine tuning a theme and idea into a short presentation.

“It took about a month of preparation, which was definitely enough time,” Anna Staskel said.

Staskel said students were given a lot of creative freedom, and their teacher, Ms. Melissa Ohlman-Roberge, picked their groups for them. 

While every play was meant to last ten minutes, most were closer to six or seven. Regardless, in just a few minutes, a play can capture a viewer and warrant weeks of preparation.

This format was very popular with the performers in the play and the people who saw it. Needless to say, CSD should think about bringing it back in the near future.