The 2022 Midterms are fast approaching. Here are the issues important to young voters ages 18 to 25


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The issues facing young voters in the midterm elections could determine the outcome of many close races.

Marc Smith, Staff Writer

The economy is the most important issue to voters. According to CNN, the rising cost of gas and household items have made for discontent within the Democratic party. Recent CNN polls suggest that the GOP has a 14-point lead on the issue.

Abortion is another major issue. Democrats hold a 23-point advantage on this topic after the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade in June. Young voters are particularly energized by this issue as data shows it affects them the most. This issue alone may drive young voters to the polls.

Crime and gun control is an issue that falls towards Republicans. This is because as crime increases across the country it leads to uncertainty among young voters about their safety. On the other hand, Democrats have a 7-point edge on gun control after an uptick in recent mass shootings.

Immigration ranks near the top of issues in southern states near the border and 4th overall in the nation. To young voters, Democrats are down 14 points on this issue due to their open border policies which have led to a record-breaking influx of illegal migrants crossing the southern border.

Some issues that didn’t make it as main concerns but are still at the top of young voters’ minds are coronavirus, climate change and the Russian-Ukraine war. Democrats have a solid advantage on all these issues.

Overall, Republicans have an advantage heading into midterms as Republicans are expected to take back both the House and Senate, handicapping the remainder of Joe Biden’s 1st term as president.

Republicans and Democrats go head to head once again in November’s elections. Journalism Class Graphic