Advisory lunch – Good or bad? A debate


CSD journalism advisor, Mr. Savicki

Student debate can take on many forms, including a conversation about advisory lunch.

Evan Mulligan and Emma Sands

The advisory lunch was reintroduced during the 2021-2022 school year after one year of absence, and we think it’s a safe bet that if you go to CSD, you are somewhat familiar with advisory. In case you don’t know, on Wednesday everyone has lunch with their advisory group and teacher. It is a time to get together to know each other, review school related things, do activities like homecoming and eat.

To some students, advisory lunches are a somewhat controversial institution. So another member of Journalism and I decided to sit down and debate the issue. In this debate, Evan Mulligan argues that the advisory lunch is unnecessary while Emma Sands argues it has a role to play in CSD.

Evan: While I see the point before the fair, they seem useless outside of that, also if we are going to keep them why not do them on Fridays for the service Friday aspect?

Emma: On Friday the schedule is already messed up, and it can be good so that on Wednesday we can discuss what we are doing. And I think every Wednesday is good because you get to know the people in your advisory.

Evan: I see your point, but we already have the four main classes in the beginning of the day, so why not just have a little group lunch in the middle of the day before the service project starts?

Emma: I feel like we don’t necessarily have time for a break, so since lunch is already time for a break we can just go in there and hang out, also on Friday we go in the mornings.

Evan: I mean then you could move it to Thursday if you are not going to eliminate it altogether so that what was discussed sticks in your head more. Also, unless you already know people in the advisory you’re not going to interact with those people much.

Emma: While I would say so, you can bond with people in the advisory, especially if the teacher is encouraging discussion.  But everyone in my advisory I either didn’t know or didn’t know very well, so it’s nice to bond with those people once a week. 

Evan: While I see your point, then we should either do it on Thursday or make it a voluntary thing.

Emma: While I think a voluntary thing would be a good idea it is possible there would only be a few people in each advisory doing it. Also when things like that aren’t required people generally don’t do it.

Student Journalists, Evan Mulligan and Emma Sands, debate Advisory Lunch.
(CSD Spartan Media photo by Mr. Savicki)