Academic Support Center: A new place for Spartan learning


Holt Grier

Señora Soares leads a small group learning session in CSD’s new Academic Support Center (ASC).

Ben Gallagher and Holt Grier

CSD has a new epicenter for academic help, support and quiet learning. The Academic Support Center (ASC) is located on Learning Street where the Media Center used to be.

It has been transformed into a completely different environment. The previously open layout of the room has been sectioned off by partitioning of cubbies, whiteboards, bookshelves, and impermanent walls.

Learning happens everywhere. There is space for one on one teaching, small group work and even a quiet desk or two.

The ASC was formed because the teachers felt that a collection of teachers bringing their knowledge to one place would serve the students better. Math, Spanish, Science, and English are all main subjects with help readily available. If you have a question in another subject, don’t worry, you can find help, too.

This is a similar environment to college where learning centers are available for any student who wishes for aid in a subject. Just like college, it is the responsibility of the students to seek help.

The ASC is seen by the teachers as a bridge between high school and college.  

Similar to the (old) Media Center, the ASC can serve also as a quiet place for students to come and focus on their assignments if they find their surroundings distracting. 

“A lot of kids are more comfortable,” said Ms. Steranko, math and science teacher and regular ASC resource. “And I encourage students to stop by.”

The doors to CSD‘s newest place of learning are now open.

A glimpse into the new ASC. (Evan Mulligan)